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GENERAL MANAGER - MFG Products for Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical Device - San Diego


Position Summary/Objective: The General Manager reports to the CEO who resides in France. The job requires that the General Manager and his reports to work closely with France and establish a one company corporate culture. General Manager is responsible for the overall operation and performance of a manufacturing facility. The right candidate will bring a true operational GM mindset that can be deployed in a number of areas driving major success outcomes. This includes end-to-end ownership: strategy, solution and roadmap design, customer experience, implementation management, and value measurement.   The GM uses effective organizational planning and development leadership to deliver targeted results for engagement, accountability, productivity, continuous improvement, growth, and profitability.

The GM has Profit & Loss responsibility, must follow all the directions and policies of the CEO, and to successfully implement the yearly strategic plan that accomplish the corporate Global Policy as approved by headquarters. The GM will have Sales, Production, Quality Assurance, Finance, Human Resources, and Informational Technology managers as direct reports. All Research & Development, technology, and methods will be managed from France. The General Manager creates an environment where teamwork, productivity, safety, identity, strength, and quality are reflected in the finished product.


Relevant Work Experience: 5+ Years with P&L responsibility for a similar size ($5 to $20M) company or division.


Required Skills: 

Management: The GM must organize and direct the operations of the organization. The organization must have all aspects of the business performing to succeed. The business needs to be profitable, financially stable, increasing sales, and increasing production productivity. This requires managing market requirements, production capacity, financial resources, and human resources.

Discipline: The company operates in a highly regulated and in a high hazard manufacturing environment. The GM must exhibit and require that all employees adhere to the safety practices and practices and procedures of the company.

Team Building: The company works in a multi-cultural environment both at a corporate and customer level. It is important that the GM builds a team that thrives in this environment.

Leadership: The leader must assess different options and choose the best course of action, for both the short-term success and long-term stability of the company. The leader must be able to successfully coordinate policies, people, and resources. It is imperative that the GM wins the confidence of the employees.

Communication:  The GM must be able to communicate clearly and persuasively within the corporate environment. The GM must effectively discuss issues and negotiate with others, direct subordinates, and explain the policies and decisions of the company to both people within and outside the organization.

Problem-solving: There will be many day-to-day challenges with any business. The GM needs problem-solving skills after identifying issues within an organization. It is important to recognize and evaluate any shortcomings of the organization and effectively carry out solutions in a timely manner.

Time-management:  Very lean operation. The GM must be able to manage many tasks at the same time. Tasks must be assessed and where appropriate delegated to ensure that their work gets done and that the company goals are met.

Not required but desirable skill: A degree of fluency in French is a plus. Other languages of interest include Spanish or Chinese 


Specific Job Duties:

  • Work closely with the CEO and corporate management team to carry out the corporate goals and policies. This includes multiple meetings a year in either in France or the US.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor both long range and annual business plans as approved by the CEO.
  • Direct and coordinate activities related to product production, pricing, sales, and distribution
  • Negotiate and/or approve contracts or agreements with suppliers, distributors, customers, or other organizational entities.
  • Is an active participant in the corporate executive leadership team, expected to make significant contributions to the formulation and execution of corporate plans and strategies. Collaborates with and leverages staff resources to improve performance.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor a budget for profitability, cash flow, and capital expenses. Reviews income and expenses relative to plans, implements corrective measures as needed. Submits reports and financial statements to the CEO on a monthly basis.
  • Seeks continuous improvement in all areas of operation with a focus on safety, quality, productivity and operational efficiency, maintenance, and cost control/reduction.
  • Manage the relationship and requirements of all external stakeholders including customers, banks, insurance, legal, government, and regulatory agencies. Manage and comply with all lease terms and contractual obligations.
  • Maintain the company ISO9001:2015 registration standard.
  • Assure that on a daily basis all values, standards and customer commitments (i.e. quality, employee relations, on-time delivery, reporting etc.) are followed within the company. 
  • Must be knowledgeable concerning materials management, warehousing, shipping/receiving, transportation, ERP, manufacturing operations and general production principles. 
  • In-depth knowledge of global customs paperwork and processes shipments especially for North America, South American, Asia and Australia and other countries the company may expand to.
  • Develop key strategic relationships with customers, distributors, and industry trade groups to advance the company image and business prospects. The company continues to aspire to be a complete solution provider for our market niche.
  • Analyzes facility statistical data and makes decisions based on that information.
  • Represents the organization to industry groups, key customers, representatives of government and regulatory agencies.
  • Works with human resources to implement short- and long-range operating objectives, facility organizational structure, staffing requirements and succession plans.
  • Implements critical strategies to secure competitive advantage in business 
  • Interfaces with Senior Executive Team members to optimize resources from each functional area including Safety, Quality, Finance, Sales, Production, Human Resources and Information Technology to drive results and support the company goals and strategy.
  • Develop a market understanding of trends and developments that will become opportunities or threats to the company. Work with the CEO on how to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the threats.
  • Maintains a sound organizational structure and properly trained work force to meet the growth needs of the company. Administer personnel and general policies and ensures proper hiring, training, and development in accordance with fair labor standards, safety and established policies.
  • Maintain a safe work environment and assure operational compliance with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Ensure facility is maintained in a constant state of compliance, ensuring that all staff are compliant, and all related elements such as facilities, documentation such as SOPs, validation protocols, and records.
  • Ensures that only approved documentation and procedures are utilized at all times.
  • Ensure quality and safety requirements are clearly defined, robust processes are in place, and employees are properly trained to guarantee compliance with all current state, federal and local standards and regulations, e.g., OSHA, EEOC, etc.
  • Encourage, recognize and acknowledge employees who consistently deliver excellence. 
  • Domestic and International travel is required on an as needed basis.
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