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Executive Search

Our Process

Elite Executive Search provides contingency and retained executive search. Our method of providing you with top-tier candidates is straightforward and effective. Throughout the search process we will keep you informed weekly, sharing our progress and candidates promptly and efficiently.

Your unique situation will always determine our approach in serving your organization. When you choose us to search for a vital member of your leadership team, you can expect a partner in the search and recruitment process. Below is a summary of our search process.

Profile Your Ideal Candidate

• First, we learn about you and your organization and its culture.

• We develop an in-depth, detailed position description and candidate specifications.

• We produce a client-approved recruitment profile further outlining the qualities, skills and experience necessary for your incoming executive.

Develop A Candidate Pool

• Elite identifies skilled, motivated, well-matched candidates for the position who reflect the culture of the organization and team.

• We pre-qualify each potential candidate and match his or her credentials against your job description and candidate profile.

Evaluate The Candidates

• Utilizing specific criteria we have developed together we personally perform in-depth interviews with each candidate.

• We create a formal candidate profile summarizing each candidate’s career, personal characteristics, and specialized skills.

• We present our candidate profiles to you along with our experienced impressions.

Facilitate The Selection Process

• Together we review the profiles and select the most desirable candidates for personal interviews with you and your team.

• Afterward, we thoroughly discuss each candidate and help you analyze their strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, we schedule further interviews with leading candidates and work with you to make the final selection.

• We assist you in negotiating a compensation package and an anticipated start date. Viewed as a neutral third party, we are highly effective in identifying any obstacles or underlying issues.

Initiate Executive Onboarding

• We ensure that your new executive understands immediately the critical skills needed to exceed performance expectations in their new role.

• We provide a network of support for your executive as he or she faces the challenges of a new environment, offering strategies for success in new situations.

Search Engagement Follow-Up

• We are dedicated to our clients. We continue to monitor the satisfaction and performance of the executives we place.

• We initiate several conversations and evaluations with both the newly placed employee and our client to monitor their mutual satisfaction and to identify any potential problems.

• We share with you any concerns and impressions we may have, thus aiding your executive’s transition into your culture.